Exploring food and drink (read: wine) is a huge part of our project with School of Home. We're food fanatics, party hosts, passionate home cooks, and recipe creators with adventurous palettes. Here's a bit on bites, beverages, and more in our world lately.


Here's what we're whipping up in the kitchen this month.

  • Lots and lots of stir-fries. Have you heard of Wok Wednesdays, a stir-fry group Matt founded? Check it out! Stir-frying is a great way to take advantage of the bounty of local produce this time of year.

  • It’s officially grilling season and we are in GRILL ALL THE THINGS MODE. Try our recipe for Black Pepper Pork Loin if you’re looking for something a bit unique.

  • Cheese! Getting back into the joys of making simple cheeses right at home. Give this recipe for ricotta a try, mix in garlic and fresh herbs for a delicious spread or veggie dip.


Recipes from School of Home


These are some of the wines, ciders, and beers that are filling our glasses these days.

  • Salted Cucumber Hopped Cider - this beauty from Stem Ciders should be your go-to summer drink. Enjoy it on your own or up the ante but serving it with a shot of gin or mezcal over ice.

  • Brunn Blauer Zweigelt Rose - it’s never NOT rose season if you ask us, but this Austrian gem is easy-drinking, slightly heavier bodied than a Provencal rose, and comes in a 1 liter bottle. Grab four for your next pool party.

  • Dobravac “Suita” Malvazija - obviously we love this wine because we import it, but it is a perfect summer white wine that pairs amazingly well with cheese, grilled chicken, and seafood. (PS. If you’re local you can find it at Wine Authorities.)


A few local spots we're currently loving here in Durham, NC.


Durham, NC

We might be a little biased since Chef Carrie Schleiffer also happens to be our roommate, but Alley Twenty Six's kitchen is putting out some serious food! The Alley Burger is a must-try (ask for it to be foie'd). They also recently put a dish on the menu called Bang-Bang Cauliflower which is ADDICTIVE.


Durham, NC


First it was Six Plates, then it was Black Twig Cider House, and now we have The Northern Spy. A cider house and bottle shop owned by Stem Ciders (out of Colorado), The Northern Spy has perhaps the most extensive cider offering in North Carolina. You can order off the list or grab a bottle from the cooler and enjoy it there, plus they have a great menu of locally-sourced cider-friendly food.


Durham, NC


We may have lamented the loss of Rose’s Butcher, but when Justin & Katie Meddis reimagined their cozy spot near Brightleaf Square we barely gave its former existence a second thought. Justin is turning out near-perfect Asian bistro fare - whatever the ramen of the day happens to be, you must order it. The Pork Katsu Sando is also easily one of the best sandwiches in town, and after lunch slide on over to the dessert counter and see what Katie has whipped up. (Check the freezer for fresh ice cream!)