Home in Durham

It's good to be home! We're starting off 2018 here in the Bull City, working our butts off and reacquainting ourselves with all that we love about Durham. This year promises a bit less insane travel than last year and we're happy to spend more time on our own couch than in an airplane seat.


- Binge-watching Parks & Rec on Netflix. 
- Writing! It's a joy that we've neglected a bit over the past few months, and its wonderful to get back into it.
- Falling more in love with our Instant Pot every day.




NYC, Jan. 31 - Feb. 2

Croatia, Feb. 27 - Mar. 13

Paris, Mar. 13 - Mar. 14

NYC, Mar. 30 - April 2

Los Angeles, April 10 - April 19

Lake Placid, NY, May 23 - June 6



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