Jekyll Island, Georgia

I recently spent a few days in Jekyll Island, Georgia for a conference. I took advantage of the 70+ degree weather to do some exploring, and here is a little photo diary of what I found.

Jekyll Island is located in southern Georgia, just across the water from St. Simon’s Island and about a five hour drive from Atlanta. The entire island is actually protected land, managed by the Jekyll Island Authority, and includes a beautiful historic district and the storied Jekyll Island Club.

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel was built to service the members of the Jekyll Island Club, whose ranks included the likes of J.P. Morgan, William K. Vanderbilt, and Vincent Astor. Located in the historic village center, the hotel still serves those looking for a luxurious stay. Croquet anyone?

Latitude 31 Restaurant is located at the end of the pier, just past the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Grab a seat, grab a drink, and watch the sun set over the inlet.

While you’re watching the sun set I recommend nibbling on some the restaurant’s delicious calamari sticks. Pro-tip: wash it down with a cold beer and you’ll pretty much be living the sweet life.

A must-see for anyone visiting Jekyll Island is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. They rehabilitate and rescue hundreds of sea turtles. Neptune here was hit by a boat; hopefully he’ll have a full recovery and can be released back into the sea.

Located at the northernmost tip of Jekyll Island, Driftwood Beach is a destination for photogs and beach lovers alike. Seriously, bring your camera, because there are great shots everywhere you turn!

There are plenty of dining options on Jekyll Island, but when the weather is nice you really can’t beat a cold beer and a hot dog from The Jekyll Market. Located in the newly-constructed Beach Village and adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, The Jekyll Market has a great selection of sandwiches along with a full grocery store, gift shop, and beer and wine section.

Jekyll Island may not have all the glitz and glamor of it’s neighbor to the north, St. Simon’s Island, but for me the combination of outdoor activities, dining, and history make it a winning destination. I am definitely planning a return trip, perhaps this time staying at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel? Anyone want to join me for some croquet and sunset cocktails?

Have you been to Jekyll Island? How did you like it? Where are some of your other favorite beach getaways?

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