Beat the Heat - August Recipe Roundup

August is here, and if you live pretty much anywhere on the East Coast of the United States right now I'm willing to bet your weather forecast is heat, humidity, and thunderstorms. It's been non-stop rain for days here in North Carolina no end in sight.

When the air feels like a warm soggy blanket, it's hard to gather the motivation to turn on the oven or spend hours preparing dinner. The summer heat makes me crave simple, cooling meals that are relatively quick and easy to prepare. Chilled noodle salads, dips that can be served as lunch alongside veggies and chips, and no-bake desserts are right up my alley this time of year.

Because it's also probably too hot to think, I've gone ahead and done some of the legwork for you. Here's a short roundup of some of my favorite hot weather recipes right now:

Cold Ramyeon. Photo: rabcooks

Cold Ramyeon. Photo: rabcooks

What are some of your favorite summer recipes? Leave a comment and/or a link below!