Meet a Traveler: When She Met Her


If you're looking for a daily dose of "awwwww" then you need to head on over to @whenshemether on Instagram. Jess and Kadie make an adorable couple, and we have fallen in love with following their travels. Based in Australia, the two recently quit their jobs and traveled around the world together for three months. We recently caught up with Jess to learn a bit more about her and Kadie, how they travel, and what makes them so awesome.


Give us a quick introduction to yourselves.

Well we're Jess and Kadie. We live in Brisbane, Australia. We met while working together in a gym. Kadie, though previously only being attracted to the opposite sex, immediately felt a connection. It took us about a year before we even started spending time together but the moment we did it went from 0-100. I (Jess) have always been a workaholic and did 13-hour days as a personal trainer in the gym, but then we both quit our jobs to travel the world.


What was the first trip you two took together?

Our first trip was to the Greek Islands. We go big or we go home!


Would you say your travel style is more “plan ahead” or more “let’s wing it”?

I’m much more plan ahead! Kadie is more wing it but definitely compromises when it comes to travel and allows me to plan. 


What is the most exciting experience you’ve been able to check off your bucket list so far?

Traveling the world! Quitting our jobs and taking a 3 month round the world trip has been epic! It’s opened our eyes to so many things and we feel like different people with so many opportunities after breaking routine.


Speaking of bucket list, what is the top destination or experience on yours?

It was Ireland but now that we’ve ticked that off I think it would be Tahiti. A relaxing luxurious trip to one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth by water.


If there was one destination that you would return to over and over again, where would that be and why?

New York! I can’t even explain the love we have for that city. It’s not a thing that can be explained but rather a feeling. The vibe, the pace, the people, the atmosphere - incredible!!


How do you best like to experience local culture when you visit a new place? Are you museum folks, do you like to eat your way through a city, maybe join an organized tour?

We like to walk through the entirety of it. It causes sore feet and cranky girls by the end of day but what better and cheaper way to see a city then to explore by foot? See the cool bars, cute cafes, and of course, people watch!


What has been the most memorable meal you’ve had on your travels?

Milkshakes and diner food at Stardust diner in New York City. The waiters and waitresses are aspiring Broadway performers and they sing and dance during your meal


What are some of the unique challenges (if any) that you’ve experience both as women travelers and as a lesbian couple?

We went to Dubai and of course it’s illegal to be gay there so that was hard. We are firm believers of respecting different cultures when you visit a country so we did, however it made us incredibly thankful for the laws we have in ours. Apart from that just random harmless yells like “LESBIANS” from young hooligans can damper an experience.


What advice would you give to LGBTQ+ couples who are interested in traveling abroad together?

Always do your research! Know whether it’s safe and take note of any precautions you should take when traveling elsewhere then decide personally if it’s worth it. For us it has, however, we wouldn’t want to stay too long in any one place where we felt uncomfortable.


Besides the usual suspects (phone, camera, toothbrush, etc), what is one thing you always take with you when traveling?

Power bank!!! So useful when EVERYTHING is on your phone like maps, vouchers, bookings, etc. After a long day of touring and sightseeing the battery can drain quickly on your phone or camera and this has been a lifesaver!


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Exploring the world is such an integral part of what we do, but rather than constantly share our experiences we thought it would be fun to highlight some of the amazing LGBTQ+ travelers we've met through social media and on our travels. Each month will feature a different traveler, a short interview, and some of their amazing photos. Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment with your suggestions on who to feature!