Thoughts on Renewal

Every re-set must come to an end, and as we enter September we're putting all that August reflection and planning into action. Our theme for the month of September is renewal, and we're applying it to every aspect of our lives.

We are renewing our commitment to our businesses. Focusing on what is important. Getting rid of distractions and side-projects that aren't fruitful. Setting up systems and processes to hold ourselves accountable. We've got a lot in the works at the moment and it takes careful planning and diligent attention to detail to juggle it all. 


(Speaking of a lot in the works, check out our newest business, Croatia Itineraries!)

We are renewing our commitment to our bodies. Regular, thoughtful exercise. Returning to a more vegetable-based diet that also incorporates sustainable meat products. Paying attention to our spiritual selves with more frequent meditation and chanting.

We are renewing our commitment to each other, to being the best partners in life and love we can be. Continuing to break harmful habits and working together to form new, positive ones. Listening to each other with open hearts and minds. Planning an epic series of wedding celebrations to share in with friends and family.


These first two weeks of September find us in Kauai, visiting my brother and sister-in-law. A vacation at this point in time was not truly what we needed, but the prospect of a free place to stay (and super cheap airline tickets) was too good to pass up. We're using this time to double down on our renewal. We're up before seven every morning, working, meditating, exercising. We're hiking and enjoying the incredible diversity of the Kauai landscape. We're practicing intentional relaxation. It's a vacation that is striking the balance between pure fun and diligent work. 


This month you can expect a series of essays on the different areas of renewal that we're working on, as well as tips for how you can plan your own renewal. We invite you to join in - leave us a comment or shoot an us e-mail. 

Aloha from Kauai,

Matt & Harper