A Week of R&R... That is, Reset and Recharge.

Matt and I decided over the weekend that we need to reset ourselves: Eastern Europe, visiting friends, wine dinners and tastings, the 4th at the beach... There's been a lot of overindulging in food and drink. So we've committed to a week with these restrictions and requirements:

  • No booze for me (unless at a professional tasting, and then I’ll spit); low booze for Matt, 
  • Gallon of water a day,
  • Whole food diet with a focus on varied fruits and veggies, 
  • No refined carbs, 
  • Limited natural sweeteners,
  • Consistent exercise or, better for the purposes of this week, activeness,
  • and Daily Meditation.
Oysters are allowed, thank goodness! 

Oysters are allowed, thank goodness! 

You might recognize it: I completed a similar but pared down goal two weeks before leaving for Croatia. It went well, and it helped set the stage for those first three successful weeks of health and weight loss there. (The second three weeks, not so much. I'll talk about that and my need for patience in perseverance a little later on.) This week will serve similar purposes: Providing a light detox from the past couple of months, allowing us to recognize habits, and again laying the foundations for better and continued success. To wit, observe, feel good and regain energy, and get back on track. 

We will fill you in along the way with daily highlights (and probably disappointments) on Instagram and at the end with a brief post summarizing the week and giving you our daily menus with recipes (if they are any good). And, yes, there will be desserts, just not cakes and cookies.

Lightly baked strawberries with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and cracked pepper.  Put these over a little crème fraîche... 

Lightly baked strawberries with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and cracked pepper.  Put these over a little crème fraîche... 

This has the potential to be wonderful. It also may be tough. This challenge will call for more planning and focus in order to prepare food with a lot of variety every day, especially since we'll be posting about the week.  We’ll likely eat most of our meals in, but when we do go out, we will navigate menus with more conscientiousness. It will mean a seltzer with lime or a mocktail if we meet up with friends for drinks. It may also mean reflecting on and changing how we usually spend our time with friends: Do we have to meet up for drinks or might we rendezvous at the dog park? And along these lines, I will continue reconsidering what I think exercise is and re-exploring those physical activities I used to like. 

A little too south and warm for snowshoeing these days, but you get the idea. 

A little too south and warm for snowshoeing these days, but you get the idea. 

Now, I know we could avoid dinners with friends, restaurants, and all that good stuff. I had thought about it myself: A Week of Hiding. But one point of the challenge is to think about sustainability and compatibility with our lifestyle in order to incorporate more readily these practices into our lives for good. See how we feel this week and then adjust accordingly next week, and so on. There will be little benefit in becoming hermits, because that is not how we live or want to live. We will continue doing the things we love to do, but more moderately and selectively. 

This project will also call for daily reflection and plenty of attention to School of Home, which, considering Vinotopia and the work involved there, sometimes can be difficult. Additionally, we both feel that we haven’t quite adjusted back to life here in the USA; we've been in a sort of daze and a little stagnant. This week will help reset us there, too. It will be a practice in organizing, planning, and persevering. And it will be a practice in patience with each other and with ourselves. 

Oh! and along with getting healthier, we hope to save money and to feel good about that, and we also hope to reduce our food waste with better food prep and thought.

Please join us this week. We encourage you to share your thoughts on self, patience, perseverance, health and progress.