Losing Weight in Europe without Losing my Soul!

I decided I would LOSE weight in Croatia. Yes, not just maintain, which itself is usually another unmet goal of mine, but actually drop some pounds (… errr… kilos). I know, right?  

It was an appropriate act of bravery for our May theme. Who’d come to Europe with a tuxedo for a formal wedding knowing the damned thing didn’t fit? I had about three weeks in the land of meat, cheese and bread. And wine. Of course wine. Three weeks.

 It was a smidgen snug, but it fit. Bow. Applause. Showers of flowers. Thank you very much.

I focused on eating healthier (namely, I sought out veggies) and generally consuming and imbibing less. It took quite a bit of effort, as there’s pasta,  ćevapčići (tasty small sausages), pršut (prosciutto), sir (cheese), pivo (beer), and delicious vino (duh) constantly surrounding us. It definitely took some willpower and goal orientation to persevere.

I also partook in that activity that shall not be named. In all honesty, I don’t mind exercising, and I even like it sometimes, but it is hard to break out of stagnation and develop it into a regular practice. (That requires persistence and perseverance, which, nowadays, aren’t always my strengths.) And sometimes Netflix and Couch just seem like such good company.

But here I’ve been hiking, intentionally walking (and walking counts--especially the walls of Ston!), and running with Matt. Practicing yoga. Doing pushups and planks, etc. I can feel myself getting stronger, too. (That is, before this Italy break! Time to get to it!) One day we ran up... and up and up and up... Viale Machiavelli in Florence. I had to walk part of the way. Some of that was due to my feeling defeated by not knowing if the damned hill would ever end and how much we had left to go. The second day, though, after a night of welcome cocktails and wine, I ran by myself and made it to the top without a break. The next day after the rehearsal dinner, we ran again, and again I made it up without walking. The day after the wedding and reception… I managed to do some detox yoga.

The visit was wonderful and a nice break, but it caused us to lose momentum. I’ve gained a little of that weight back since the wedding: I haven’t exercised as intensely or eaten as consciously. But as Matt pointed out, How relatively easy was it for me to drop some pounds with a little focus! I also admit that when you travel across eight countries in five days, it means difficulty in having a good diet and staying on top of serious exercising. But it’s time to kick myself in the butt and get back to the level of health and work I was on. I want again to be more selective about my food intake. Exercise. Make health and activity again a priority, a habit, a way of life, rather than a peppering it on an otherwise lazy lifestyle. I will persevere. Even if it's only to enjoy a pasta lunch in Bologna! 

 Any advice on how you persist with your healthy lifestyle will be welcome!