Walking in a [Croatian] Winter Wonderland

We've been bad. We haven't published a blog post since before Thanksgiving! To be quite honest we have a bunch of drafts sitting in the queue that we just need to edit and publish, but when you're on the road nearly constantly it's easy to get distracted. So to throw a little red meat to our readers (hi moms) we thought we'd share a few photos from the other day. You know, just to tide you over.


We are currently staying in a traditional Zagorje house in the hills north of Zagreb. This region is rural and hilly, chock full of little family farms and vineyards. It's a place full of great food and cozy little villages, and we wanted to come here for a few days before returning to Zagreb to do some work and exploring. 

Luckily for us it snowed on our first night here, and we woke up to a world transformed. It's hard to describe the beauty of the small houses blanketed in snow and the hillsides decked out in the white. 


We drove a few kilometers down the road to the pilgrimage town of Marija Bistrica for a bit of a photo walkabout. The cathedral is drop-dead gorgeous, and we stopped in the center of town to fortify with a few cups of kuhano vino (literally "cooked wine", aka mulled) before we walked the hill behind the cathedral to take in the view.

It wouldn't be Advent season in Croatia without the sausage stalls!

It wouldn't be Advent season in Croatia without the sausage stalls!


We love being in Zagreb, but its wonderful to know that this rural paradise is just a few minutes up the mountain for whenever we need an escape from the city. Everyone needs a little winter wonderland in their lives!