We’re both writers and observers of the world, but we come from totally different backgrounds.

Harper Hornaday | Founder of School of Home

Harper’s spent a great deal of his life adventuring around the globe (from Buenos Aires to St. Petersburg) and teaching high school English in Lake Placid, New York. He loves exploring--cultures, places, food, people, languages and ideas. 

Matt Lardie | Founder of School of Home

Matt embraced the culinary world in his career, doing everything from being a pastry assistant to managing a catering company, all while driving his passion: telling the stories behind food and drink for publications such as The News & ObserverDurham Magazine, and Wine Enthusiast.


We met in Durham, North Carolina in 2015, fell in love, and decided to create a new adventure together, along with the other men in our lives: Samson, the yellow lab, and Seamus, the cat. Recently we added some female influence, rescuing a cute calico named Sybil.

Harper, Matt, and The School of Home family

We have launched “School of Home” as a creative mission to seek wisdom and meaning in our lives.

This is our project to use the ways we live as dynamic opportunities to connect, grow, and contribute to the world and the diverse cultural experiences it has to offer.

We want you to know that as we share our stories here, we are hoping to share yours too. 

We’re all students, no matter where we are in life. And in the people we meet, the places we visit, and the experiences we have, we hope we will inspire you to join us in finding more wisdom, joy, and intentionality by learning through living and living through learning. 

Harper and Matt | Founders of School of Home

Harper Hornaday + Matthew Lardie
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